HP Pavilion 15-n299sa 15.6" Laptop - Blue I was going to have a new work item on a budget, so I've read everything I could about what's up on the market in searching for some tips and tricks to keep it real. As for this particular laptop, its ...

HP Pavilion g6-2240sa 15.6" Laptop - Red

HP Pavilion g6-2240sa 15.6" Laptop - Red
HP Pavilion g6-2240sa 15.6" Laptop - Red
5 Really looks modern in the red, and it high end specifications for top performance
A really powerful laptop for what was only £319.99. The laptop boasts a nice 6 GB if memory, with my previous laptop only having 1 GB and I found that it was basically always struggle to handle some of the things I was trying to do, particularly when attempting to play some games it seemed to have problems, and other memory hungry tasks like when I was trying to convert video files into other formats, however with this one I have experienced nothing like this and it seems to cope with whatever I have thrown at it to do.

The laptop also looks incredibly sexy, I have never had a red laptop before, but it certainly gives the computer a much brighter character about it, and it is a welcomed changed having a laptop which looks really modern now.

The laptop also comes with a bunch of software as part of the deal, most of it I really have no use for, but still nice to have it included, and the laptop also has the Windows 8 operating system which I really like.

As for connectivity and setting it up to receive my broadband, absolutely no problems at all. The laptop also have 3 USB ports for plugging in things like printers, scanners etc, and the webcam because it is in HD really does make a big difference, especially if like me you use software like Skype to talk to friends and family online, even all my contacts who I have been on the webcam to talk with have said there was a huge difference to the quality compared to before.

Overall absolutely no complaints considering the low price for this, and if battery life is a problem with your laptop like my old one was for me, then this HP laptop has an incredible 6.5 hours of life, really handy for when going somewhere and knowing it will not cut out on you.
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