HOOVER DYN9164D8PX Washing Machine - White I decided to go for this washing machine because of the large 9 kg drum size, perfect for doing my weekly large load, something which required 2 (or more) washes in the past, but not now.

I ...

HOOVER DYN7164D1X Washing Machine - White

HOOVER DYN7164D1X Washing Machine - White
HOOVER DYN7164D1X Washing Machine - White
3 A good but not great washing machine
Am more than delighted with the spin quality of this Hoover washing machine, never have I had clothing come out as dry as they do with this machine, and this has seriously reduced the amount of time needed for when in my tumble dryer, which is going to be a great saving in the long-term.

The digital display is also really clear on this one, and I like how it informs you every step of the way, including how long your current programmes has remaining. However my one gripe regarding the display area is that the dial could have been better designed as it has no grip on it, and I would’ve preferred it to have one.

Thankfully I don’t wash much cottons or require that cycle often, as another bad thing is the time it takes to complete a full cotton cycle, your talking three hours which is a long time, but all the other cycles are great, and I have also found the 14 minute quick wash very useful indeed, particularly when I am needing something cleaned for later that same day.
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